Innovation services

Our background makes us the scientific group leader for the research on the pasteurization and drying processes with supercritical CO2. Active collaborations with many academics and industries allow to develop together innovative, effective and sustainable solutions in the food and biomedical science.

Superunit co

Consultancy and collaborations

Feasibilty studies
on different substrates

We offer feasibility studies for the pasteurization and dehydration of different substrates. We support the food and biomedical industries with ad hoc research studies thanks to the know how developed within our long experience in the supercritical processes.

Superunit studi di fattibilità

Post processing
shelf-life studies

We analyze the CO2-treated products from a microbiological, chemical-physical, and textural point of view during the days or even months of storage after the treatment. These studies aim at determining the shelf-life of the product and comparing it with the non-treated one.

Superunit studi di shelf-life

Challenge test
with target pathogens

We demonstrate the potential of our technology within challenge test by inoculation of specific target pathogens (Salmonella, Listeria, Escherichia coli) to evaluate their inactivation after the process. The microbiological analysis are carry out at the Department of Biology at the University of Padua.

Superunit challenge test

Design and scale-up
of pasteurization and drying plant

Thanks to our expertise in chemical plant we can design pilot and industrial plant by the scale up of the small reactors in our lab. The development and trial are supported by specialized industries.

Superunit progettazione e scale-up impianti pastorizzazione

Qualitative analysis of the product
before and after the treatment

Thanks to the collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Science we can measure qualitatively and quantitatively the change of micronutrients (vitamins, proteins, minerals, …) in our products before and after the treatment.

Superunit analisi qualitativa prodotti

of termolabile biological matrix

We study the dehydration feasibility within supercritical CO2 for every type of biological matrix performing microbiological and physiochemical analysis before and after the treatment. We verify the maintenance of the texture and structure, mechanical properties and the improvement of the preservation in comparison with untreated products.

Superunit essiccazione matrici biologiche