Our research activity

Our research exploits the carbon dioxide at supercritical phase (above 31 °C and 73 atm) to pasteurize and dry food and biomedical products. Low temperatures allow to maintain intact the molecules and heat-sensitive components, which are degraded with the conventional thermal techniques.

Superunit research

Food engineering

with supercritical CO2

Innovative low temperature process

We are a reference group at both national and international level with more than fifteen years of experience in the field of cold pasteurization with supercritical CO2. We address the process feasibility among a wide range of products for both animal or vegetal substrates. The treatment effectively applies on solid and liquid products as well.

Pastorizzazione con CO2

with supercritical CO2

The future of food preservation

Drying by means of supercritical CO2 allows to obtain a dry product that preserves all of its initial freshness, taste and aroma. The water is extracted at low temperatures and quickly removed from the product, without altering neither the structure nor the composition of the starting matrix. With respect to the freeze drying, the process is highly competitive from an economical point of view.

Essiccamento con CO2

Tissue engineering
with supercritical C02

How to achieve a long term stability of biological matrices

Thanks to the applied research in the biomedical field we achieved the long term preservation of a decellularized oesophageal substitute. Employing the supercritical CO2, the use of solvents and enzymatic detergents is reduced, the structure is retained, the bacterial contamination is lowered and biocompatibility is enhanced thanks to the extraction of potential toxic residues.

Ingegneria tissutale

Our projects

We strongly believe in the opportunities given by the cooperation with both Italian and foreign researchers: we are enrolled into national and international projects, we foster formative experiences abroad and we promote professional development.

  • H2020 ERA-NETs SUSFOOD2 and Core Organic Cofund

    Innovative high pressure process to increase the preservation of ready-to-eat organic food (HO-FOOD)
    / 2020—2024


  • Inten-eg Italia-Adrion Progetto "OISAIR"

    Improving the food safety and shelf life by high pressure COF
    / 2019—2020

  • Visiting Programme 2018 Cariparo

    Increasing the preservation and safety of fresh products by innovative food processing technologies
    / 2019—2020

  • BIRD 2018 progetto SID

    WHOLE FRESH - Development and optimization of low temperature pasteurization technologies to increase the shelf life of fresh food products
    / 2018—2020

  • FSE progetto 2105-60-11-2018

    Pastorizzazione a bassa temperatura di succo di frutta ad alto valore nutritivo
    / 2018—2019

  • FSE progetto C 2105-94-2216-2016

    Processi innovativi per l'essiccamento matrici vegetali
    / 2017—2018

  • BIRD 2016 progetto SID

    Novel food drying technology for safe and healthy product
    / 2016—2018

  • H2020-SFS-2014-2 - Progetto "Future-Food"

    Faster Upcoming Technology Uptake Relevant for the Environment in Foods Drying
    / 2015—2018

Superunit progetti